We the generation of hook ups!

Have you ever wonder what our generation will be known for after few decades?
Why are we scared of giving commitments to someone? Are we dazzled by our ego so much that we gave up on love? Many people can’t face these questions because they know their answers. We are the scared generation, we are scared to give commitments, we are scared to spend our whole life with one person and we are scared of getting hurt.

Love is rare I agree! I have met many people who don’t believe in true love anymore because of their failed relationship in past.
But are they wrong? No, they aren’t, just because one had a bad experience they shouldn’t stop believing in love and themselves.


Also, the people who play with the other people feelings, who cheat in a relationship are the one who really needs to figure it out why they are doing this, why they are making promises which they can’t fulfil is it because you are scared, because of temporary attraction or is it because you don’t believe to keep it real! Whatever may be the reason but you have to stop doing this, you have to make ourselves clear because the person whom you are exploiting is exploiting the other!

We are the nomads who don’t want to stay in one place for too long. We walk away from people easily. We are the generation of hook ups and break ups. We have sex first then we decide if we love that someone or not. When things get too close to be real we ran away!


We have left very little exclusivity for love in our lives. We fell short of time just running from one thing to the other thing, we do 5 days 9 to 5 jobs and we party around the weekend, we have become the machines who have lost their control on themselves. We hang out with our friends giving advice to them about the rules of the game which we have never played. At the end, this sum ups why this generation is losing the potential to be in Love.



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