“Arranged Marriage: A Knot of Perfect Love”

No, I won’t say that you are the love of my life; I fell in love with someone when I was 15 yrs old. Yes, a high school going girl fell in love with her classmate. He was the most handsome boy of my school yet so idiot. He was never a topper in studies or sport or in anything. He had no life goals. I was in love with him or Now I would say it was infatuation.
Today, when I am 30 and married to you, let me tell you how I fell in “mature love” with you.
We met on our engagement day, welcome to great Indian arrange marriages. We met on the morning of 18th march and by the evening of that day, we were engaged. We both were working in different cities so very next day we fly to our working cities from hometown. We never talked over the phone for long. I never had anything to share with you. It was a very formal relationship. I, being the introvert, hardly talked to u; and u, being the extrovert, never started any topic to talk. Our marriage day was near and you surprised me by coming to my work city for 3 days. I was like “oh god, how should I behave in front of you, what should I talk etc etc”. On the 1st day, we just roamed around without even touching our hands, just like strangers. Next day I came to ur hotel with my friend and she asked why are we behaving like strangers. We had no answer of this question. We three went for lunch and while coming back, my friend left us alone for some personal space.
We roamed around and visited some beautiful places of Hyderabad. Around 7 p.m, we returned to our respective places and after some rest, we met again for dinner. This time, I came with my another friend who is my flatmate too. Those three days fly down like anything and you depart to your working city back.
Well, after those three days we were still strangers.
And then the wedding day had come. Though we got engaged in march and our marriage day was in November, still we were the stranger like anything. The grand Indian wedding was just too good and I enjoyed every single ceremony of my marriage.
The day I entered to your home after marriage, I felt alone and so bad that I started crying. You handled me so easily and with love. You wiped my tears and kissed me gently. You reminded me that you are all mine and this is my new home where I can live as I want to. The first night was strange and we slept on same bed without even touching each other.
In a week, I got settled to your home and we started talking and sharing thoughts.
We started our jobs in next weeks. You never forced me to love you or your family.
Slowly, I started falling for you. Your mature thinking and broad-mindedness took my heart away.
Your sweet small kisses are still the best thing. I fell in love with your gentle behavior and ur sensibility.
And then after a month of our marriage, we had sex for the first time.
It has been 4 years now and we are living a dream life. We have a daughter too, 10 months old.
I never believed in arranged marriages but you made me believe in that. I never thought I would fall in love with you, but I did.
I never thought marriage is good, but you proved me wrong.
I love you.. and Let me tell you after 4 yrs of our marriage that I love you madly. I love you like a teenager. I love to send you random texts stating how much I love you.
Marriage doesn’t need a perfect couple; all it need is two people love each other perfectly. ❤


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