When I slapped my Mom!

It’s so difficult for me to tell you this side of my personality. I am a 25 years old guy; an engineering graduate and working for a private bank. Everyone say that a mother is the greatest blessing one could ever have. A mother sacrifices a lot for her children. Mom is another name of the GOD, but I slapped this GOD once. I moved out of my home that day. I never went back to see her face again.I am in touch with my dad and I love him. I never want to see him compromising again for the rest of his life. The earliest memory I have when I was 4 yrs old. My mom used to hit me hard every evening for no reason. I was not a naughty kid. I was a sincere and sensible guy, but my mom made me a bad human. She used to insult me in front of just anyone which was not acceptable for me, but I did nothing for so many years. Of course!! what else one could expect from a 4 yrs old child. I have no siblings. My mom and dad had a love marriage. Later, my dad found that mom has so many other relationships with older and younger men. She never wanted me and took me as boxing sack. She used to slap me anytime when she wanted to. My mom and dad used to argue almost every day and night. I started hating my mom. She takes me to meet her boyfriends and tells me to shut my mouth about their meetings. Till 14, it went the same way. By that time, my dad already left my mom and was living in a separate flat. After which, my mom became more independent as she use to call her boyfriends in our home. I became very silent and failure guy. She never motivated me to do anything. I started hating her to the core, I wanted to go back to my Dad but I guess my mom had my custody till I turned 18. My life was a big lie, I used to fake my smile and laugh. I failed twice in my school and so one day left home and went to my dad. He loves me.. and I love him too. He understands me; he always had a hope that I will do something good in life and so he motivated me to appear for exams again. He is a teacher so he used to teach me for hours. That whole year I felt an amazing improvement in my personality. I appeared for exams and maintained 78% which were enough to let me sit in any engineering pre-tests. My mom used to call me every day but I never talked back to her. I was busy studying another year and passed with Good rank in a pre-engineering test. I got selected in a good college too. One day, while going back to home from college; I saw my mom with a guy. The guy was of my age and they both were having some private time together in public. I saw them and went near; when my mom noticed me she called me by my name. She then laughed loudly saying,” Tu kis college ko barbaad kar raha hai”. I did not want to listen on anything; I just had a memory of her beating me daily with no reason. Those marks were so badly imprinted on my mind..I went close to her and slapped her and said,” Never ever come in my life again. I and dad are happy without you” it was a shock for my mom. I came to my home soon after that incident. I never wanted to slap her, but I did. I always was jealous to see other people’s mom. Maybe I was not so lucky in getting mom’s love in my life. My dad made me a better human. He cares for me and I respect him for the everything he gave me. His biggest mistake wasn’t that he got married to a wrong lady, but it was that they both gave birth to me. The regret of not having a good mom will always remain with me forever. I just pray to God every day to bless me with mom’s love in my next birth. I miss being pampered by my mom; I miss being called “mera pyaara beta”; I miss being loved by my mom and I miss mom even more when I see my friends’ moms are with them. Not everyone is lucky in this world, I may not be the single such man.. but one day I will have my own children. . I will tell them that mom is everything…love ur mom; not everyone is lucky to have a mom.


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