Marriage makes your life cooler!

Planning to get married? Not a bad idea, read to know why: 😉

  1. Laugh whenever & wherever you want!
    If something embarrassing happens you can laugh out loud because you know he/she is not going to leave you anyway.

    Image Source: Tumblr

  2. You are free to be silly!
    Be an idiot and have some fun as you have not to act any more like a civilized human as you use to do while dating someone.

    Image Source: Tumblr
  3. Giving the honest compliments/comments to your partner:
    Insult each other and nobody gets hurt 😛
    Like you can tell your hubby that his new hair style is looking stupid on him or your wife that the dress she is going to wear on your anniversary is horrible!

    Image Source: Tumblr
  4. Marriage groom up your thinking and personality:
    As the time moves on after marriage, you learn to handle your mood swings on each other like if he kept that wet towel on the bed fine; you keep the other one or if you forgot to pay the electricity bill, great thing it’s been so long for a romantic candle light dinner.

    Image Source: Elitedaily
  5. Your family and friends just get doubled:
    Woah…!! In starting maybe you freak out when you have to deal too many strangers around you, but with the time you begin to enjoy those small families & friends’ get-together where a group of people sharing their funny, sad, happiest, etc, moments of life.

    Image Source: Giphy
  6. Skipping parlor or gym:
    Since you love each other, so you become least bother to go for waxing in the parlor or spending hours in the gym to get that 6 pack abs!

    Image Source: Inonit

    Have a blissful married life! ❤




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