Love is blind.. and stupid as well


They say it’s good to have a family. A husband, 2 kids, and a house is the mark of settled life in India. Doesn’t matter if a girl is working or not, she must get married by 28 and have a baby by 30. 

I belong to a simple family who believes in above lines. My parents are open-minded and when I told them about my affair, they were ready to accept that guy from a different caste. 

I know this guy since last 4  years when I started my MBA. We were both in  the same college. We both liked each other, in fact, we both loved each other. A bachelor life is always good with such boyfriend. 

When all my friends started getting married, I too wanted to get settled. I got married to this guy whom I loved madly. 

The difference started from the day of the wedding. I didn’t like the greedy and bad behavior of his parents. But, as they say, love is blind. In my case, love is stupid as well. I wish I could end this relationship on the wedding day itself. 

So, we started our married life. The personal behavior of one could only be sensed once we start to live with them. 

The handsome cool and loving guy is highly immature, mean and childish in real life. As we both were working, so I ignored many things just to make our lives happy. 

By his mean behavior, I meant the difference in his personality with my parents and his parents. He ignored my family like anything. All he wanted is to live with his family, spend money on them, spend MY money on them and never plan for our future. More problem started when he started enquiring about where I spend my salary. 

And one fine day, after 5 months of our wedding, I got pregnant. Everything appears beautiful in starting. I gave birth to a baby boy after 9 months. The interference of his family in ours has crossed the limits. I get so irritated one day that I went to my mom’s home for few days. I came back after a week, but nothing actually changed. My maternity  leaves were about to get over. I left my son at my mom’s place and started my job again. I had to work for myself and my son because my husband’s salary is for his parents and never for us. I wish I could make it clear before our marriage. Slowly, I started hating him. Hate was not because of  the money, it was because of his bad behavior towards my parents and me.

I am an independent woman. I earn my own money, in fact, my salary is equal to his. Our baby was growing up. We wanted to celebrate his 1st birthday as a grand party with friends and family. Soon before his birthday, my husband and I started arguing on one stupid thing. The argument went in a wrong way and he started abusing my parents.

Any girl can listen to anything but can’t tolerate anything against her parents. I left Him….yes, I left that house the same day with my baby and 1 suitcase of clothes. I had my own car. I drove to my mom’s home and told her everything.

For the first few days, everyone at my home tried to convince me to go back but I made up my mind by then. My husband never called me for 2 months. He was happy without me and this thing is disturbing me more. I too didn’t poke him. Days passed, months passed and years passed.. It’s been 3 years that we are not together. We never called each other, didn’t even think of getting the divorce.

I got my own small flat in these years. My kid is in play school now. He is growing fast. 

Sometimes I think what would have been the scenario if I had not left my husband that day? What would we be doing if we were together today? 

He is  the same, mean and immature guy. He still lives in rented flat, works with the same company with no promotion in last 3 years. 

I guess I chose a wrong guy for me. But life is one, I don’t wanna bet on another guy now. I am happy this way. My life routine is set. I am growing on my own. I need some well wishers always beside me and they are my parents. 

I could have forgiven my husband for whatever he has said to me, but I can never forgive him for what he said to my parents. 

For me, life seems very long. But I will live, for my baby. I will live happily, age gracefully and stay charming for my baby. He is my lifeline. I wish, my kid respects me the same way I respect my parents. I may file a divorce case in coming future. I do not wish to get married again. 

I will live and grow on my own.


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