A turn…

alone Girl (1)

Every girl has dreams.. Dreams to love and support her parents, to work and help dad in household finances, to help mom in kitchen and to become an independent woman some day. I too had some dreams when I was 16 yrs old.
My family was lower middle class family. I had a dream of earning someday to help my dad to meet his expenses.
Because of less money, I studied in govt school till 9th and after that in an open school. In free time I used to take tuitions. One day my dad diagnosed with a small curable disease but he got panicked and decided to marry me soon. It was all of sudden and I did not even know the meaning of couple or marriage. I was 17 when dad found a suitable match for me. The guy was 26 yrs old. He worked with Indian railways. I got married to this guy at a short notice.
Just imagine, a girl who is not even completed her school is now married to a complete stranger!
This guy loved me and cared for me.. May be for 2 reasons. First; he was much elder to me. Second; I was a beautiful girl.
Before my 18th birthday I got pregnant. I gave birth to a boy and then a girl after 3 yrs. Somehow I turned into a machine. Only work and 2 kids when I was 22!! I used to hate my life. Young working ladies were my worst enemies. All my neighbors have daughters who were aged between 27-30 and still unmarried. I went into acute depression.
Till 30; I felt I am a dead woman. I had no dreams. Just an aged husband, 2 kids, household tasks, unwanted sex every night and my unfulfilled dreams. Yes, I never enjoyed physical relations with my husband. May be I was too young when I got married and then life became monotonous.
My life took a turn when I turned 32. One fine day I decided to do something in my life to come out of depression. I knew clothes stitching so I started taking order to stitch blouse or salwar suits of neighbors in Delhi. In starting, I got only 3 orders. But when I handed over those stitched blouses, the ladies were really impressed.
They did the mouth publicity and within 4 months I got many orders. My days became good and productive. I started earning on my own!!!! Slowly I came out of depression.. Now I wanted to study. A little awkward when my son already completed his schooling and my daughter was in boards.
I decided to do my studies secretly. I filled up a graduation form from open university. I used to study during 2 to 4 am in the night.
Time passed.. 5 months, 8 months and 1 year. I had my first year exams and was too nervous. I had to take someone’s help to reach to exam hall everyday for few days. I asked my neighborhood friend. She happily helped me.
I gave all the exams with full concentration and got my results after 3 months. I scored a second division but I was happy with that. I did my graduation when I was 36 yrs old. I did my masters too.
One fine day I told my husband that I want to teach children in a school. He laughed..he said how could u teach children when u urself is not educated..
I handed him my MA mark sheet. The kind of shocking and unexplainable expressions he had made my day 😉
He didn’t talk to me for few days but he was good at heart. He, then appreciated me for my work.
I decided to take tuitions. In an year, I got more than 16 children in my tuition center. Within 3 yrs, this number increased to 47.
I was so happy.. Happy with my self, with my life and with everything around.
There is no right age to do anything good. You can start whenever you want to; just give your 100%.
My life took a turn when almost every one gets settled down with a good job. You never know when is your turn.. Just keep going.


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